martedì 31 maggio 2011

Gorgeous Storybook App For iPad and iPhone, Mr. Wolf And The Ginger Cupcakes, goes LITE

BlueQuoll launches Mr. Wolf and the Ginger Cupcakes LITE app for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

BlueQuoll, a new children’s book App publisher based in Brisbane, Australia, has launched the LITE version of Mr. Wolf and the Ginger Cupcakes, a charming children’s book App for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad for children ages 4 and up based on the traditional tale of the Little Red Riding Hood. It’ll be available on the App Store starting June 1, 2011. The LITE version is free to download and introduces the first ten pages of the full digital storybook.

Mr Wolf and the ginger Cupcakes captures the charm of a traditional children’s book thanks to its exquisite hand crafted illustrations and transports the readers in a whimsical world where all sorts of funky characters cohabit in harmony at the sound of dreamy jazz music.

Mr. Wolf and the Ginger Cupcakes features 32 hand painted illustrations, created using watercolors and colored pencils, carefully digitized to make sure each page maintained a painterly feel on the screens of the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. Mr. Wolf and the Ginger Cupcakes is a universal App specifically coded to display flawlessly on any iDevice. It is multilingual in a very proactive way. It is possible to switch on the fly between seven different versions (English, Italian, French, Chinese traditional, Chinese simplified, Japanese and Spanish) and using it as a tool to familiarize with new languages. Mr. Wolf and the Ginger Cupcakes has a simple to use, intuitive and fun interface that allows a quick and satisfying navigation, without getting in the way of the book experience.

We strongly believe that no matter the technology used, the most important thing about creating engaging children’s books is the quality of the reading experience” says BlueQuoll co-founder Vincenzo Pignatelli. “We think that story reading goes a long a way in fostering that special relationship between parents and children and we didn’t want to dilute this important aspect of the experience in our apps. This is why the core of our App experience is an artistic and enchanting narration for parents and children to enjoy together over and over”.

Mr. Wolf and the Ginger Cupcakes can be experienced in two modes:

Read to Me – plays like a movie, pages turn and text is read automatically by narrators. Ideal for younger readers and pre school children.

Read it Myself – read the story like a real book. You control the turning of the pages and the text is not read aloud. However you can tap the text to hear it, if you want.

App availability Mr. Wolf and the Ginger Cupcakes LITE is a universal App available on the App Store for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch beginning the 1st of June 2011 in the following languages: English, Italian, Traditional and Simplified Chinese, French and Spanish. Mr Wolf and the Ginger Cupcakes is the first in a planned series of new digital books for children ages 4 and up, based on traditional tales but with a new and exciting spin to them.

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